Key Notes Bart Bossink obtained a M.Sc. degree in industrial engineering and a Ph.D.-degree in civil engineering from University of Twente. He worked at University of Twente, Ernst & Young, and Rotterdam School of Management, and currently works at VU University Amsterdam. He is professor of Science, Business & Innovation and chairs the section Science, Business & Innovation at VU University. Bart Bossink is a founding member of the committees that introduced and developed the business administration bachelor and master program and the science, business & innovation bachelor and master program at VU University Amsterdam. He is director of the science, business & innovation research program at VU University Amsterdam.

Mirjam Leloux got her PhD in Pharmacy at RU Utrecht. She joined industrial, public and private research organisations to develop technology transfer, business development and management expertise. She was acting as an independent consultant in technology transfer for universities and private inventors during 10 years. She regularly publishes  on technology transfer and teaches in entrepreneurship. Areas of expertise: management, business development, technology transfer, entrepreneurship