Received abstracts for the HTSF conference 2017.


Session Timeslot Location Paper Timeslot Location Paper Timeslot Location Paper
1 Group 1 HG 11A24 Science Based Firms Group 2 HG 10A20 Incubators Group 3 HG 09A16 Ecosystems
10.15-10.45 HG 11A24 Productive opportunities, uncertainty and science-based firm emergence 10.15-10.45 HG 10A20 The influence of lead user characteristics on social entrepreneurial intentions and business development outcomes in the Twente Move2Social training program 10.15-10.45 HG 09A16 Science Park – University Interaction: A Literature Review
10.45-11.15 HG 11A24 The Relationship Between Partner Diversity And Innovation Performance In Subsidized Multi-Partner R&D Alliances 10.45-11.15 HG 10A20 Case study insights to the impact of knowledge transfer in high-tech small firms on entrepreneurial practitioner learning 10.45-11.15 HG 09A16 The static and dynamic boundaries of ecosystems: a systematic literature review
11.15-11.45 HG 11A24 Clustering and Innovation: What is Special about HTSFs and High-Tech Knowledge-Intensive Business Service (HTKIBS) Firms? 11.15-11.45 HG 10A20 Does It Take An Expert?
Experience of Business Panel Members and Their Ability to Predict New Venture Performance
11.15-11.45 HG 09A16 Motivations of social innovators to innovate ‘socially’
2 Group 1 HG11A24 Science Based Firms Group 2 HG10A20 Incubators Group 3 HG09A16 Entrepreneurship
13.30-14.00 HG 11A24 Investigating Firms’ Dynamic Capabilities for Innovating towards Sustainability 13.30-14.00 HG 10A20 A Tale of Contend and Conquest: Leveraging Business Models to Grow ICT Ecosystems – Envelopment Lessons Learned from Google and Yahoo 13.30-14.00 HG 09A16 Gender influences of technology adoption among entrepreneurs: Strategies to close the digital divide
14.00-14.30 HG 11A24 Dynamic capabilities in an eco-innovation and sustainability system: the case of life-sciences in Groningen(NL)  14.00-14.30 HG 10A20 ‘Time is money’. How critical events and periods influence time to market among eco-innovation spin-off firms.  14.00-14.30 HG 09A16 Paths to Commercialisation: A Comparison of Corporate, Independent and Public Sector Inventors
14.30-15.00 HG 11A24 Cities and International Entrepreneurship: Towards an Integration of International Business, Economic Geography and Urban Economics Perspectives. 14.30-15.00 HG 10A20 High-Technology Growth Firms profit from collaboration with university in Germany 14.30-15.00 HG 09A16 How to promote managers’ innovation behavior at work: Effects of innovativeness, self-leadership, risk taking and gender difference


Session Timeslot Location Paper Timeslot Location Paper Timeslot Location Paper
1 Group 1 HG 11A24 Science Based Firms Group 2 HG 10A20 University Teaching Group 3 HG 09A16 Entrepreneurship
10.00-10.30 HG 11A24 Development of performance effects of repeated R&D alliances: An agent-based simulation approach 10.00-10.30 HG 10A20 Development of key performance indicators system for strategic development and increasing university effectiveness based on global competitiveness innovative program 10.00-10.30 HG 09A16 Cross-cultural competences and international entrepreneurial intention
10.30-11.00 HG 11A24  Organizational inheritance through knowledge, culture and networks The case of Fokker Aircraft 10.30-11.00 HG 10A20 The role of Dutch science, technology and innovation policy in the development of academic entrepreneurship 10.30-11.00 HG 09A16 The Use of Imagination in High-Tech Entrepreneurship
11.00-11.30 HG 11A24 Resolving the Paradox of Lean Management and Ambidexterity: Moderating Factors that Reinforce or Inhibit Innovation in Lean SMEs 11.00-11.30 HG 10A20 Business Opportunity Recognition among Students – A Simplified Prototype 11.00-11.30 HG 09A16   ‘Shattered glass’: Assessing the influence of mass media on legitimacy and entrepreneurs’ adoption of new organizational practices
2 Group 1 HG11A24 Science Based Firms Group 2 HG10A20 University Industry Group 3 HG09A16
11.45-12.15 HG 11A24 Social Contingency Approach: Network Inertia and Partner Selection During New Product Development Project of Small Technoloy-Based Firms 11.45-12.15 HG 10A20 University-Industry Collaboration: Detecting Research Patterns and Exploring Future Avenues 11.45-12.15 HG 09A16    Negotiating venture capital
12.15-12.45 HG 11A24 Science Based Firms performances:
a systematic literature review
12.15-12.45 HG 10A20  University Business Cooperation and Regional Development 12.15-12.45 HG 09A16 Collaborations Landscape in Fragment-Based Drug Discovery via
Publications/Patents Analysis
12.45-13.15 HG 11A24 12.45-13.15 HG 10A20 12.45-13.15 HG 09A16 Can Venture Capital (VC) Mitigate Overinvestment and Underinvestment of Portfolio Firms?

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